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Special Items Up For A Vote @ August Meeting

Good evening Alumni!

There are a couple of items that we will place on the Agenda to vote on at the upcoming Dinner/Social meeting on TUESDAY, AUGUST 16th @ 6:30 p.m.; I will be sending out the agenda next week; but, I wanted everyone to have a chance to review what we will be voting on and ask any questions you may have. The Executive Board has unanimously approved each of these items to be brought to the members for a vote:

#1) As was discussed at the June meeting, the HCCSAAA has been asked if we would pay for the cost of (1) one of the (2) two storage units used for Community Outreach. The reason being is that prices increased for the climate controlled units and one of the units contains HCCSAAA and SSK items (for fundraisers, etc,). The monthly charge for the one unit is $269; therefore, to pay out the remainder of 2022, the HCCSAAA has been asked to consider paying for the amount remaining for the year, $1,076 (Sept. – Dec.) which is due September 1st.

*please note: we will revisit the storage unit payment at the end of 2022 to decide if we choose to continue paying for 2023 (the full 2023 year would be: $3,228); the only thing we will vote on at the August 16th meeting will be the payment of $1,076 for Sept-Dec. 2022.

#2) The HCSO will be celebrating its 175th year in August, 2023! There will be many activities the Alumni will be assisting with for this historical and very special event; more details to come! One request that came through was for the purchase of an Honor Chair to honor the fallen with a plaque listing those in HCSO who have lost their lives with room for additional names, God forbid we need more room (if you don’t know about the Honor Chair, it is something widely respected in the LEO community and would be a wonderful tribute to those who have lost their lives in the HCSO). The amount we will be voting on at the August 16th meeting will be ‘up-to $1,000’ to go toward the Honor Chair/Remembrance Plaque purchase. The total cost of the Honor Chair/plaque will be split between three organizations: HCCSAAA (up to $1,000), the FOP (Fraternal Order of the Police) – $1,000, and CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement Association) – $1,000. More than likely, the cost will come in less around $750; but, we will be asking members to vote on approval up to $1,000. This would be a wonderful collaboration between the three groups.

Other items to be thinking about (we won’t be voting on anything yet on these just something to chew on): a ‘museum’ cabinet that will house uniforms, boots, memorabilia, etc. for the HCSO that will be located in the PSB lobby next to the Trophy Case. The other is something that has been brought up but we need to research cost/type before considering: (2) large artificial plant/flower pots to soften the area around the Trophy Case in the lobby; artificial is preferred as upkeep needs to be considered. These two items are still in the planning stages and more information will be forthcoming.

Please be prepared to vote on items #1 & #2 at the August 16th Dinner/Social Meeting. Let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Cathy Gieselman, President

(512) 944-5569