Advanced Citizens Sheriff’s Academy Course

I am looking at putting together an Advanced Citizens Academy Course that would cover special topics not covered in depth in the Citizens Academy or able to be covered during a HCCSAAA meeting. I would like to see if there is enough interest from the Alumni Association in having an Advanced class offered. The class may be a joint operation between HCSO, SMPD, and KPD.

The requirements that would be set up to attend the course would be:

  1. Attendees must have completed a Citizens Police Academy Course
  2. Attendees must be a member of an Academy Alumni Association in Hays County

Proposed topics that may be covered are:

  1. Family Violence Investigations
  2. Sex Crime Investigations
  3. Crimes Against Children Investigations
  4. Cyber Crime Investigations
  5. Arson Investigations
  6. Active Shooter
  7. Death Scene Investigations (optional Autopsy)
  8. Auto Theft Investigations
  9. Interview and Interrogation
  10. First Aid
  11. Observation Skills and Identifying Suspicious Activities
  12. Radio Communications and 10 Codes
  13. Traffic direction
  14. CPR & AED
  15. Current Issues in Law Enforcement
  16. Crime Prevention Techniques
  17. Citizens on Patrol Certification

Class attendees would be allowed to do a ride out with an officer.

I would like to get your input. Please let me know if this sounds like something our Alumni would like to see pursued.


Jeff Jordan