Introducing the Official Neighborhood Watch App

Report. Stay informed. Make a difference.

For nearly half a century the National Neighborhood Watch Program has been the premier crime prevention initiative in the United States, helping citizens to serve as additional “eyes and ears” for law enforcement. Now for the first time, Neighborhood Watch is introducing a mobile phone app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms.

The Neighborhood Watch App has dynamic reporting capabilities including options to add photos and text to reports from Block Captains, volunteers, or from citizens who want to report anonymously. Linked to a proprietary database of law enforcement agencies from throughout the country, the Neighborhood Watch App enables citizens to report crime concerns, suspicious activities and community disorder. The NW App also offers innovative features such as mini training videos, and tips on starting, revitalizing or expanding your Neighborhood Watch. Additionally, our ‘Ask the Expert’ section allows users to query national crime prevention and Neighborhood Watch experts on topics of interest.

Since we are the Official Neighborhood Watch app there is no law enforcement agency subscription fee or monthly fee of any kind. The only charge associated with our program is the $1.99 app fee charged to those who download the app by the smart phone app stores (iPhone, Blackberry, Android). Additionally, for any Sheriff who purchases the app, 100% of those fees are donated to the National Sheriffs’ Association Education Fund.

To purchase the NW app, visit the app store for your type of phone, and search for “Neighborhood Watch Official Mobile App.”

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