August Update

Might want to grab a cup of coffee, this is a long one Good day Alumni!

There is much going on with the HCCSAAA! We just finished up with the PSB Greeter Training this week. Lt. Dennis Gutierrez did a phenomenal job explaining what the duties would be and how volunteers for this opportunity will significantly support and assist the HCSO. We are excited about scheduling volunteers beginning after Labor Day. Please contact me if you would like additional information or wish to volunteer as a PSB Greeter. This opportunity has several slots on different days/times; even if you are only able to volunteer periodically, the support of having someone greet visitors to the PSB will have an important impact as well as provide the opportunity to let people see the HCCSAAA members in action.

Please keep the family, friends, and men and women in blue in your thoughts and prayers as the HCSO Deputy I mentioned at the August meeting, Brandon Dicke, passed away. Please also keep in your thoughts those in our HCSO family who are fighting the COVID battle. We are eternally grateful for those who serve as well as for their families.

The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 is coming up very soon; it is a day of reflection and a day that we will honor all the First Responders who so selflessly served with much strength and courage to help those in need. God bless them and their families; they shall always be remembered and never forgotten.

The Gun Raffle is down-to-the-wire! We have two remaining events scheduled for this weekend, one @ Hays City Store on Friday (8/27, Noon to 7 pm) and the other at The Salt Lick on Saturday (8/28, Noon to 7 pm); if you have anyone interested in purchasing tickets, they can come out to either of these events or you may have them, contact Jack Diamond, Marketing & Fundraising Chair @ (404) 625-8261. Let’s meet our goal; we absolutely CAN DO THIS with your help! Spread the word! Drawing will be held on September 10th @ 2:00p.m. @ at the PSB; we plan to live-stream the drawing on Facebook, ticket holders need not be present to win.

Many of our volunteers are not aware that we participate in the Presidential Service Awards. We have the ability to track volunteer hours and submit once per year for those earning an award. Following are the awards:

100-249 hours – Bronze
250-499 hours – Silver
500+ hours – Gold
4000 hours of accumulated Lifetime Achievement Award

The specific award is at the discretion of the Sheriff’s Office and will either be a certificate, pin, coin, or medallion.

Volunteers are the fabric of our society; without volunteers we would not be able to provide such amazing support and assistance to those in need. The HCCSAAA has some of the very best volunteers and it is important to recognize their service and dedication to helping others. (Please note: attending meetings may also be considered as volunteer hours.)

If you are interested in participating, please provide your HCCSAAA service hours to Gary Anderson (email: and he will log them (beginning date: January 1, 2021; ending date for this calendar year: December 31, 2021). Please let us know if you have any questions.

Please be sure and review the list of upcoming volunteer opportunities/events; these are included on the monthly Agenda which can be found on our website: and are also posted on Facebook and e- mailed to all members (please be sure your contact information is up to date; you may contact Ruth Diamond, Secretary (e-mail: to ensure your contact information is current or provide any updates.

One event coming up next week that we are still in need of a few volunteers is the following:

September 1, 2021 – Two shifts available: set-up chairs for ceremony @ the PSB 9 am –11 am; and take down chairs after ceremony 5–7 pm; please sign up if you are able to assist with either of these shifts.

Another volunteer opportunity was e-mailed to members today; assistance @ the old 911 building @ 1303 Uhland Road and we have another very exciting opportunity in September that we’ll soon be providing more information about!

Due to member’s willingness to volunteer, we have been receiving more requests for volunteers for different activities and have received extremely positive feedback on how much our HCCSAAA volunteers are appreciated. I see this as a promising step in the right direction as; albeit response was limited with the survey, one thing that did stand out was that members wanted more opportunities to volunteer in a variety of ways. I think we have absolutely seen the increase in opportunities available and am very grateful to see our member’s enthusiasm to serve. Keep up the great work; your support does not go unnoticed!

Please be sure to keep up with the latest and greatest news! There is a lot going on and much more coming up! Looking forward to our Guest Speaker @ the September meeting: Jorge Molina, Forensic Artist with the Texas Department of Public Safety under the Texas Rangers Division. This was a direct request from members at the August meeting and our HCSO Liaison, Deputy Bruce Harlan, made it happen!

Our website is a great way to stay informed; and you are always welcome to contact me should you have any questions and/or comments.

Thank you for your support of the HCCSAAA and most importantly, for the HCSO!

Cathy Gieselman, President
HCCSA Alumni Association

Phone: (512) 944-5569
26 Aug 21

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