Newest HCCSAAA Information and Sponsorship Letter


These are some truly different times that I am writing this compared to just a few weeks ago. I have waited to send this out because of the drastically changing situation the world is experiencing right now and the constantly changing “rules” that we all have to follow now. None of us has ever gone through anything like this before and I hope and pray that it will end soon and none of you get it.

As far as we as a group are concerned right now, pretty much everything at this point has been indefinitely put on hold and/or canceled.

Thanks to everyone that came out and helped at the motorcycle chute out. It was a huge success and helped get our name and message out to several people.

We were supposed to help out at the next BPOC graduation on April 2 and that has been canceled. They are not even going to have a cake and are doing the graduation in a classroom with very limited people in attendance.

We were supposed to have a spaghetti fundraiser in April and a cheeseburger one in May for the Sunshine Kids(SSK). Those have both been postponed/dare I say canceled.

I had heard (3 weeks ago) that SSK was going to happen even if it was going to just be SSK from our local area/Texas.

I just got word a couple days ago of this…..

As of right now, our 30th Sunshine Kids Texas Hill Country Adventure is still scheduled for June 1-7. Please know that we are considering rescheduling the trip for later this summer. If that decision is made, you will be the first people we reach out to regarding. Please know that this decision will be made with the help of a team of pediatric oncologists AND through consultation with friends in the greater San Marcos community.

New update(yesterday)- We have finally confirmed with Jennifer from SSK that the Hill Country Adventure is still a go. It will more than likely be local kids from within 3 hours of here or possibly just the ATX/SA area. It may be postponed until August even. We have to see when this pandemic ends as well as when the hotel will be available for them.
So as far as getting sponsors for the kids, please go ahead with this and reach out to anyone you can think of that would like to sponsor a kid this year. We have a new sponsorship letter this year (attached) that has been run up the chain and approved by the Sheriff’s Office. Please know that YOU can be a sponsor as well.

I’m sorry I don’t have more definite answers for lots of things right now. I will send out more updates on things as I am given them. For now, our April meeting is also canceled.

Also, just FYI, the next Citizens Sheriff’s Academy had already been previously canceled, but it would have been anyways with this pandemic. So we will not be having a graduation in May for our potential new members. Hopefully the class will eventually be rescheduled.

Y’all, please practice social distancing and stay healthy. Looking forward to when we can meet as a group again.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Andy Hentschke

Link to Sunshine Kids Sponsorship Letter (.PDF)

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