President’s Blog: 2016 Year In Review


Hope you are ready for another year with the HCCSAAA. Our first meeting of the year is on Tuesday, January 17th @ 6:30pm in the Sheriff’s Office Training room. This meeting will be a general meeting only. We will discuss 2017, review 2016 and nominate/elect the new Executive Board for 2017, per our Bylaws. Angie and I are still interested, but there are two other positions that need filling. To help explain the duties, a brief summary of the duties for each position is included below.

2016 was a good year for the Alumni. With our membership at 54 Alumni, 53 participated in 27 volunteer events and provided over 500 hours of service to the Sheriff’s Department. We provided dinner for 16 graduates of the 31st Citizens Academy, family and friends in November, and 10 joined the Alumni. Thanks for the Outreach Support we had good speakers and several volunteer opportunities. To name a few, Motor Cop Chute Out, Sunshine Kids Adventure, ALERRT Conference, Brown Santa and for the first time, the Wimberley Winter Wonderland event.

On the financial side of business, our account is over $2000, after we made a donation of about $1600 to the Sheriff’s Office for the purchase a new I.D. Badge maker. As a new idea this year for the Sunshine Kids, we asked people to “Sponsor a Kid”, to provide “spending money” to help the kids for purchasing souvenirs during their visit to Hays County. They usually receive about $20 from the organization. This year, each kid for a gift card for $75. Along with the sponsorships, we received additional donations, and the Alumni was able purchase American Flags, provide lunch at the Capitol and Sea World, Mamacitas Buffet and more great Bingo prizes.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: We already have dates for 2017 for the Motorcycle Chute out, March 1-4 and Sunshine Kids Adventure June 5-9.

Looking forward to another year of service to the Sheriff’s Department.

Wayne Kendrick HCCSAAA – President

ARTICLE IV Officers: Duties and Terms

The officers of the Alumni Association shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

SECTION 2. – Officer’s term shall be for one year, beginning at the close of the Annual Meeting, January. – Any Officer may serve any number of terms, elected annually. All officers are required to attend 75 percent of all general and Executive Board meetings.

SECTION 3. President – chief executive of the Alumni Association. – preside at all meetings, and may co-sign checks, promissory notes and contracts.

SECTION 4. Vice-President – perform duties as prescribed by the President and serve in the President’s stead, when necessary.

SECTION 5. Secretary – recording, maintaining and reporting the minutes of all meetings. – submit to the membership, and serve all notices to the members. – maintain a current roster of members

SECTION 6. Treasurer – shall maintain an account at a financial institution approved the Executive Board. – shall require invoices or receipts prior to reimbursement for member expenditures.

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