President’s Blog: Citizens Academy Schedule


I am sending the current Citizens Academy schedule to you for several reasons.
First, to let you know what is being presented, in case you missed a class.
Second, as a reminder of their upcoming graduation on November 17.
Three, suggest Alumni presence, to answer questions and encourage them to join upon graduation.
All classes are 6pm – 9pm, except week 7b, 9am – noon at the ALLERT center.
We do not want to overload the classroom, so please contact Stephen if you plan on attending any meetings.

Wayne Kendrick
HCCSAAA President


Week 1: 08/25/2016 – Introductions (Students and Staff), CSA and Community Outreach Unit (Deputy Traeger), Emergency Communications (Dispatch)

Week 2: 09/01/2016 – Patrol Operations (Patrol Staff), Jail Operations (Jail Staff)

Week 3: 09/08/2016 – Use of Force (Deputy Watkins), Arrest, Search, and Seizure (Deputy Watkins)

Week 4: 09/15/2016 (Class Room A) – Hays/Caldwell Women Center, Victim’s Assistance (Lt. Skrocki to assign)

Week 5: 09/22/2016 (Class Room A) – Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) (Lt. Skrocki), Mental Health Unit and Warrants (Lt. Burns to assign), Animal Control (Cpl. Trinidad and ACO Staff)

Week 6: 09/29/2016 – Alcohol Laws and Texas ABC (Deputy Zuehlke), Driving While Intoxicated Investigations (Deputy Gamble)

Week 7: 10/06/2016 – Forensic Anthropology Research Facility (Sophia Mavroudas – Texas state), Evidence and Crime Scene Investigation (CID staff)

Week 7b: 10/08/2016 Saturday (Harris Hill and ALERRT Center) – Emergency Vehicle Operations (Deputies Lucio, Duggins, & Zuehlke), Tour of ALERRT Center (Deputy Lucio)

Week 8: 10/11/2016 Tuesday (@ ALERRT Center with SMPCA), Special Weapons and Tactics /Terrorism

Week 9: 10/20/2016 – Traffic Division and Accidents (Deputies Ngyuen & Puryear), K9 (Deputy Whetstone)

Week 10: 10/27/2016 (@ Juvenile Detention Center) – Juvenile Detention Center Operations (Chris Crites), Explorer Post 1911 (Members of Explorer Post 1911), School Resource Officers and Juvenile Investigations (Sgt. Carter to assign)

Week 11: 11/03/2016 – Government Center (Lt. Faulkner) (@ Hays County Government Center), Hays County District Attorney’s Office (to be determined)

Week 12: 11/10/2016 – Criminal Investigation Division (CID Staff)

Week 13: 11/17/2016 – Graduation


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